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Transcription Services

Wondering how to improve your staff’s productivity…and cut costs?

As more and more healthcare providers make the transition to a paperless reporting system, they are quickly finding out that it is proving to be an inefficient and costly process. Utilization of current support staff for data input is neither efficient nor cost effective for most practices. The bottom line… manually entering or using templates to populate SOAP Notes into your EMR System is time consuming, tedious and can severely hamper you and your staff’s productivity.

Hiring a full time employee for data input has many benefits from a time sensitive and information sensitive stand point, but the costs inherent in hiring such a dedicated staff member can become an expensive process. Hourly wages, benefits, payroll taxes, workers compensation, etc., can quickly add up. For most practices, the cost is not justifiable. For a comprehensive comparison review the Medical Transcription Cost Analysis in the Resource Tab.

AccueData has been providing outstanding transcription services since 2005. Fully US owned and based in Oxford, MI, we offer cost effective solutions for Healthcare Providers and Hospitals nationwide.

Incredible features:

  • We charge as low as 40% of what other providers charge for medical transcription services
  • 24 hour turn-around time for regular reports and 2-12 hour turn-around time for stat reports
  • HIPAA compliant medical transcription service provider
  • MT’s and Account Managers are assigned to each individual account
  • Multiple dictation options: Toll free phone, Handheld or Mobile Application
  • Secure Web-Based Portal for Report Tracking and Access
  • 24 hour availability of service and transcriptions
  • Integrates with most EMR/EHR systems!
  • No Cost, No Commitment, Free Trial!

Some examples of reports we transcribe include:

  • Consultation notes
  • Discharge summaries
  • Operative reports
  • Emergency reports
  • Critical care reports
  • Psychiatric evaluations.

We can also custom tailor general transcription services for any other needs you may have.

For more information contact us at 1.866.222.1528 or